Installing Visual Basic/Studio 6 on Windows 10

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As I’ve worked my way through the various oddities of Windows 10, I’ve found that most applications work great. For the most part, anything that worked on Windows 7 works on Windows 10. Visual Basic 6 (VB6) has been one of the few exceptions, so far.

Why install Visual Basic 6? It’s a long-dead program, after all. Well, like many companies out there, mine has a few proprietary programs that were written, long ago, in VB6. The apps work great, so it just hasn’t made sense to spend the time and/or money it would take to upgrade them to VB.Net. Yet, we still need to be able to make minor changes to the programs now and then.

We could keep an old XP machine around just for VB6, or set up a virtual instance of XP, or go for either of those options with Windows 7 (VB6 installed on Win7, though not perfectly). Instead of going those routes, though, I decided to look into getting VB6 properly installed on Windows 10. These notes should work for the Pro and Enterprise editions of both Visual Basic 6 and Visual Studio 6.

Note that this tutorial is really geared toward getting Visual Basic 6 up and running. I do not know whether any of the other Visual Studio applications will work after the steps below have been followed.

Also note that this process will not allow you to install the Data Access components. They just don’t work with Windows 10.

Remove Any Remnants of VB6/VS6

If you’re like me, you probably tried to install Visual Basic 6 on your computer the old fashioned way. When the install failed, you were then left with bits and pieces of VB laying around, and no uninstaller. Luckily, Microsoft wrote up an article about removing Visual Studio manually (How To Manually Uninstall Visual Studio with MSDN Library). I do not believe searching your hard drive for some of the files, as they mention, is necessary. Here are the most important steps to follow:

  • Delete the installation folders for any Visual Studio products. Note that the following are the default locations; the actual locations may be different on your system if you did a custom installation or if you are on a 64-Bit computer:
    • \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
    • \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSDesigners98
    • \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSDN
    • \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS98
    • \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Wizards98
  • Delete the installation folders for any MSDN Libraries (the previous step may have deleted these if they were installed to the default location). The default folders are as follows:
    • Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\MSDN98 (for the MSDN Library for Visual Studio 6.0)
    • Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\MSDN (for the MSDN Quarterly Library releases)
  • Use Regedit.exe to delete the following Registry keys if they exist:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DevStudio
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MSVSDG
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\HTML Help Collections
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Visual Basic\6.0
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Visual Component Manager
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Visual Modeler
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\6.0
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\DevStudio
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSVSDG
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Visual Basic\6.0
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Visual Modeler
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualFoxPro
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\6.0
  • If you’re on a 64-Bit system, check here, as well:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\DevStudio
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\MSVSDG
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\HTML Help Collections
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Visual Basic\6.0
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Visual Component Manager
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Visual Modeler
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\VisualStudio\6.0
  • Use Regedit.exe to delete any instance of the key for Visual Studio or MSDN Library under the following keys. Since you don’t have an uninstaller, you probably won’t find anything here. It’s worth looking through the keys, anyway, to see if you find any mentions of Visual Studio or MSDN. WARNING: Do not delete the “Uninstall” key; only delete MSDN or Visual Studio keys listed within it.
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
    • 64-Bit systems only: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

Prepare Your Files

Now, we need to get all of our files in place. The tool we’re going to use for the installation can actually read off the CDs, but I find it much quicker to have already copied the necessary files to my hard drive. In my case, I setup everything in C:\Visual Studio 6\.

  • First, copy the contents of all Visual Basic/Studio 6 and MSDN CDs to the folder you’ve chosen.
  • Next, download and extract the Visual Studio SP6 patch ( Place the extracted contents in a folder named VS6SP6.
  • You should end up with a set of directories that look like those shown below. The names aren’t important, as long as you know what’s what.

We’re going to use a handy tool put together by Giorgio Brausi to complete our installation. It takes care of some of the trickier parts of getting Visual Basic/Studio 6 installed on a Windows 10 computer.

  • Download Giorgio’s installation program from his website, (
  • The program does not need to be installed. Simply extract the contents of the zip file and run vs6installer.exe.
  • The first thing we need to do is setup the program’s working folder. This is where the installer program will copy it’s working fileset to. I suggest using a folder you know the program will have permission to access. Something in your Documents folder should work.
  • Click the “Set Root folder” button.
  • Browse to where you want to create the root folder, then click Make New Folder. Using the tool to make the folder will ensure that it has the necessary permissions. Click “Yes” to confirm that it is the correct location.
  • If you want to install the various graphic files included with VS6, then make sure that option is checked.
  • Make sure the “Disable Data Access” option is chosen. It should already be selected, by default, on Windows 10 systems.
  • Select the edition you will be installing. In my case, I chose Visual Studio 6 Professional Edition. You should choose whatever matches the CDs you are using for the installation. Your options should look similar to this:
  • Click the “Step 1” button. The program will now have you select the source location for Visual Basic/Studio’s files. The files can be on CDs, or on your hard drive (as I previously recommended). Select the set of files referenced at the top of the selection window, confirm that the copy procedure is correct, then wait as the necessary files are copied to the new root location.
  • Click “Step 2” and select the MSDN files. Technically, you don’t need to install MSDN, but it doesn’t hurt. You will need to select both CDs for this step. After CD1 has finished copying, you will be prompted to select CD2.
  • On to “Step 3”. This will prepare the Service Pack 6 files. Browse to and select the files you previously extracted to the VS6SP6 directory.
  • You may run into an issue here if you are installing the Professional Edition of VB6/VS6. The Service Pack 6 files that are still available on the Net are actually for the Enterprise Edition. I have, so far, been unable to source a Pro version of SP6. If you get an error about missing files (see below), then simply move on with the installation. We’ll manually install SP6, later.

Install Visual Basic/Studio

Now that our files are in place, it’s time to begin installing the program.

  • Click the first Install button.
  • Click “Yes” to confirm you wish to continue with the installation.
  • The standard installer will now launch. Make your way through it, entering your Serial Number as necessary.
  • Make sure to choose the standard Install option, NOT the Server Applications option.
  • Keep clicking Next, Continue, OK, etc., until you get to this screen. Click the Custom button.
  • The installer tool will have already made the appropriate selections based upon what you chose before launching the installer, so there should be no need to make any changes here. I believe you can install the options besides Visual Basic 6, but they were unnecessary for me. Some of the items under “Data Access” are incompatible with Windows 10. They should already be disabled if you left the “Disable Data Access” option checked in the installer tool.
  • If your version of Visual Studio/Basic has a SourceSafe option, then it is probably wise to uncheck that option.
  • Here’s how my installation options looked:
  • Click Continue and the program will install.
  • Click OK when you get the Success message.
  • You may need to Restart your system at this point. If so, wait for the restart to finish, then pick up where you left off.
  • The MSDN installer will now launch. Make sure to UNCHECK the “Install MSDN” option, then click Next.
  • Click “Yes” to the message warning you about not installing MSDN, click Next to skip any additional installers, then UNCHECK “Register Now” and click Finish.
  • If you were to check Programs and Features now, you would see that you now have a proper Visual Basic/Studio 6 uninstaller.

Install the MSDN Library

Time to install the MSDN Library. This step is optional, but I recommend it as Visual Basic 6 Help files are only going to get harder to find on the Net as time goes by.

  • Click the second Install button.
  • Click “Yes” to confirm you want to install MSDN, then make your way through the various screens.
  • When you get to the screen below, go ahead and click the “Full” option. You could click the “Custom” button and pick and choose what files to install, but considering the size of modern HDDs, it really isn’t necessary.
  • Click OK when installation has finished, and make your way back to the installer tool.

Install Service Pack 6

There are two ways to install Service Pack 6. If you have the proper service pack files for your installation, then you will be able to use the installer tool to launch the installation. If not, then you’ll need to launch the installer manually.

Note that Service Pack 6 only contains updates for Visual Studio, Visual C++, and Visual Basic, and Visual SourceSafe. If you installed any other programs (FoxPro or InterDev), then you should first install Service Pack 5. I find it hard to justify installing those programs, so won’t go over that scenario here.

  • If you were able to find the right version of SP6 for your installation, then you can click the third Install button.
  • Click “Yes” to confirm you want to install SP6.
  • If you were unable to find the correct version of SP6, then find the folder you previously extracted the SP6 files to (during this step), right click on the setupsp6.exe file, and choose “Run as administrator”.
  • From here on, the installation of SP6 will be the same for both scenarios.
  • Click “Continue”, then click “I Agree”.
  • If you get an option to click a “Complete” button, then do so.
  • Click “OK” once installation has finished.

A Few More Steps

Just a few more steps until we’re done. These steps will take care of a few errors/annoyances you may encounter.

  • Go to the Options tab in the Visual Studio 6 Installer program and click “Create Desktop shortcut”.
  • Run the newly created shortcut from your Desktop.
  • If you get an “Automation error”, then close VB6, return to the installer tool, and click the “Run As Administrator” option.
  • Relaunch VB6, and the error should be gone.
  • You can now return to the installer tool and click the “Run As Administrator” option again to turn off that setting. It is not needed after the necessary registrations have been completed.
  • We have just one more setting to change. VB6, when run on Windows 10, will experience a delay whenever you draw, move, or resize objects on a Form in the VB IDE. To correct this issue, click the “Set Vista SP2 compatible” button.
  • If the “Set Vista SP2 compatible” button does not work, then you may need to set that option manually. To do so, navigate to where VB6 is installed (most likely C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\).
  • Right click on VB6.exe and choose “Properties”.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab, check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” option, and choose “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)”.
  • Click OK, then try running the program again. You should now find that controls can be manipulated without issue.

And you’re done! Visual Basic 6 should now run just as well as it ever did. Now then, time to get back to work on converting those VB6 apps to VB.Net 😉

  • Eric Barsalou

    I had VB6 installed on my desktop (Win7) ans my laptop (Win8.1).
    I upgraded to Win 10. Everything Ok but since the 1511 update VB6 and all the executables I created do not work anymore on my laptop. Any idea ? Thanks in advance !

    • danbrust

      I have not yet installed 1511 on any of my computers, so I’m not sure what the problem could be. It’s odd that the executables have stopped working, as I haven’t heard anything about them removing VB6 runtime support. You might want to try a full reinstall of VB6. I’ll follow-up with an update if I run into the same issue when I install 1511.

      • Eric Barsalou

        The strangest thing is that everything is is still Ok on my desktop !

        • Giorgio Brausi

          I’m going to check the build 1511 of Windows 10…
          However, if the issue is related of laptop only i believe that the problem is due to something on your laptop.
          What can it be? Is very hard to discover without inspecting the computer.

  • Danie Cronjé Art

    Thanks, these tips were extremely helpful to install my version of VB6 successfully on Windows 10. I still have one very annoying issue: When I run the PDW, it takes more than 8 minutes for “Loading package types…” and then 2 minutes to create the CAB file.

    • danbrust

      Hmm, I’m not sure what could be going on there. I don’t typically use PDW, but I just tested it out and everything seemed to run pretty quickly. You could try running the PDW as an admin, at least once, to see if something needs to be registered.

      • Danie Cronjé Art

        I tried, but the result is the same. I guess I’ll have to be patient.

        • Giorgio Brausi

          PDW is old and outdated, is no longer adequate to create installations for modern versions of Windows. Many things have changed since XP, too. While the PDW has never been updated by Microsoft. Despite the source project is available (C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual StudioVB98WizardsPDWizardSetup1), I suggest you to use a most modern installer, which are constantly updated.
          For example Inno Setup ( is free, but it’s one of the best.

  • Paolo Pini

    Many thanks, I plan to use VB6 for almost 20 years more.

    • Edward Kimble

      I’m a big fan of the KISS approach, “keep it simple stupid.” 99.9% of all games, machine controls, college apps, and interfacing programs are less than 10 pages and don’t need special modules. VB6 does that extremely well. Taught VB.NET for years, it was truly infantile, for lack of a better word. It was a huge lost waste of time and human effort in almost every case. The language was never glued down, a cursed and mostly just bad file hierarchy, too long and too hard to memorize command names, too much time spent on variable conversions, all kinds of faults (bad code), insistence on the complexity of C but without the tools, always a byte overhead that was staggering, and with constantly changing graphics packages, protocols, and interfaces that never worked or gave typically gave improper orientation, bad scaling, or didn’t convert well to print, etc. Gambas, by comparison, that visual IDE for Linux with the weird shrimp logo, is, for all of its dangling parts and lack of documentation, better than VB.Net for productivity, beats it all to heck. And I can cross compile if I have to. So, why, if you want return customers, if you want repeated use and productivity, if you want high schools to use it as a means.. not an end, why would you hobble a whole industry, stick to “complicated and wasteful” code instead of eschewing that blasphemy? Was it some lazy snob in a tech department who looked down his nose at the compromises, or hated the long hours spent simplifying things for people he/she would never see, or was it some snooty uber tech who couldn’t stand simple and efficient, couldn’t stand the lack of complicated objects, data structures, and file complexity? That’s what C++ is for :)

      • Sam Smith

        KISS = Keep it short lol

    • NU.Khan

      KISS from my side: Old is gold. I have an old VB6 based ERP system (parameter driven) with clients from overseas since 2003. They are happy and I too because of earnings from VB6 systems. I also work in C#/VB.Net/Java etc. Happy coding

  • Paolo Pini

    I’ve notate that the SP6 can’t be installed before to install MSDN ?!.

    • danbrust

      Are you saying you can’t install SP6 unless you install MSDN, too? I was unable to get the “prepare SP6” to work, but I found that I could skip that step and install it the normal way (by running the installer) after Visual Studio and MSDN were installed using the special installer application.

      • Paolo Pini

        VB6 appear to work fine and finally I’ve installed the SP6 too but although the installation is completed with no error the vb6 does’t write ‘SP6’ on the splash screen. I though that the system32 it is now the SystemWOW64 and VB6 install SP6 in wrong folders perhaps?!.

        • danbrust

          The splash screen goes by too quickly for me to see, but I do see SP6 on the About page. Did you make sure to run the SP6 installer as an administrator?

          • Paolo Pini

            I tried as administrator also but nothing change, the installation is completed with no error (apart the request to overwrite some current DLL with the version in SP6 that i tried to confirm and to not confirm) but in the about screen not appear the ‘SP6’. You know if I can install manually the SP6?

          • danbrust

            I’m not sure if it can be manually installed. I’ve had success installing it by extracting the files from the SP6 installer, then running “setupsp6.exe” as an administrator.

          • Giorgio Brausi

            There is no relation between SP6 and MSDN (but both recommended).
            If SP6 installation fails, then means that the VB installation hasn’t been terminated correctly.

            Firts of all, ensure to use the latest version 4.5 of VS6 Installer
            Windows continue to change the rules ‘on fly’ (build after build), so Windows 10 TP version work different from Home/Pro version, therefore need to be updated.

            For any question I suggest the official FORUM of VS6 Installer web site.

          • Giorgio Brausi

            VS6 Installer require that the SP6 must be unpacked, first.
            After you have run the STEP 3 (Prepare) and last choose INSTALL SP6 button.

  • VB6 Programming

    Good to see VB6 programming continues.

  • Colin Charman

    I tried this to install VB6 Pro into a fresh Windows 10 Home PC and got numerous problems. I had VB6 working on Windows 7 on my laptop and it continued to work after upgrading to 10. Even resorting to Xp-SP3 compatibility in the new Win10 PC, I got several problems, including:
    1. AVG flagged a virus IDP.Alexa.51 (which I allowed thru – ouch???)
    2. VSinstaller wouldnt accept the prepped 1VB60PRO folder until I ran as admin/XP-SP3
    3. Eventually VB6 installed without data access components – not much use to me!
    4. With an apparently installed VB6 I tried loading a project – forms etc failed to load, giving “Error accessing system registry” for each, and the logs show for example “Class MSComDlg.CommonDialog of control cdbOpen was not a loaded control class”
    5. I then tried adding default data access in another VB6 install and I get errors trying to access a database – sorry can’t recall detail but to do with Jet Isam.
    6. So tried adding more of the data access components and VB6 ran indefinitely “ipdating your system” and consuming 25% CPU.

    The project I wanted to load uses a Data Environment – is this teh cause of the problems?

    Its not totally gloom and despondency. I created an XP VM using Virtualbox and installed everything there OK. The project loads and the compiled program executes OK in Windows10

  • Giuseppe Saponieri

    Setup is updating your system ……….. not responding. Ugh. W10. VS6 Ent Eng

    • Giorgio Brausi

      Use latest version 4.5.
      For any question I suggest the official FORUM of VS6 Installer web site.

      • Giuseppe Saponieri

        Thank you

        Il martedì 22 marzo 2016, Disqus ha scritto:

  • Dyantika Aprina

    i have installer Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition, should i instal it first or how? i don’t have msdncd and vscd like the picture, please help me to instal it to my windows 10 :(

    • Giorgio Brausi

      No, you can use your VB folders, wherever they are (CD, DVD, USB, LAN Network, …)

      For any question I suggest the official FORUM VS6 Installer web site.

    • danbrust

      You should be able to install it without having MSDN or VSCD. Simply follow the steps, but substitute your version of Visual Basic for the Visual Studio shown in the tutorial, and skip the stuff about MSDN. You will still need to use the installer folder for Visual Basic (whether they are located on disc, CD, etc.), and you will need to choose the Visual Basic option in the VS6 Installer tool. The VS6 Installer tool lets you pick the right folders, so any naming scheme will work; I just provide you with my suggestions in the tutorial.

  • Jan Krebs

    Dear Dan:
    I liked your post and appreciated the effort that went behind it.
    Just a suggestion: Please add a paragraph before “Remove any remnants of VB6/SP6”, warning that what follows excludes Data Access
    I read through much of the article, FULL OF HOPE, until getting disappointed and depressed…

    • danbrust

      Great idea; thanks!

  • Jan Krebs

    And another question from my ignorant point of view: Why do apps written in an VM XP environment with Data Access DO run under W10?

  • Giorgio Brausi

    Thak you for excellent tutorial to VS6 Installer 4.2
    VS6I has been updated to v4.5 on 02/26/2016

    I add a link to your blog on my VS6 Installer page:

    • danbrust

      Thank you very much for stopping by Giorgio! It’s a great program, and I was happy to write up my little tutorial :)

      To others who may be reading this, Giorgio Brausi is the creator of the VS6 Installer tool used in the tutorial, so he is THE authority on it’s use.

      • Giorgio Brausi

        Thank you!!!
        I’m sorry to have discovered your tutorial just today.
        Your work has really impressed me, for details and quality of images.


    • Daniel Martin

      I downloaded VS6I 4.5 from the site named in the Dan Brust blog article. It creates files in UsersxxxxAppDataTemp, and Symantec Endpoint Protection raised alarms that these files were infected with malware. I called my company’s security people and they said that the URL in the blog article is a malware site. Did some nasty person hack and hijack your site recently?

    • German Rachid

      where I download the VB 6 cds?

  • Giorgio Brausi

    About STEP 3 – Service Pack 6

    Regarding the error: File not found (53) mentioned in the tutorial, it is important to keep in mind that VS6 Installer isn’t a zip-exe-extractor, therefore the files of the SP6 must be extracted from the executable, first .

    If your extractor utility doesn’t allow this, I suggest to install 7ZIP (free) from which you can use the Extract command at:
    from Windows Explorer -> Right-click the file, and from the menu -> Extract to -> [choose your folder]

    Next, you will able to install SP6.

    • danbrust

      I believe the problem I ran into here was that the only version of SP6 still available on the Net is for the Enterprise version of Visual Studio, but I was trying to install the Pro version. Your tool expects to find Pro files in the SP6 folder, so it would give a File Not Found error when attempting to install SP6. I am still unable to find a Pro version of the SP6 patch, but running the Enterprise version manually seems to work.

    • Muhammad Syarif Wicaksono

      Hi Giorgio Brausi, thanks for creating vs6 installer tool, but i can’t download the vs6 installer from the forum(, i tried to register on
      that forum about 3 or 4 times with same email but different username,
      but registration process not complete. No verification code sent
      in my email. But, the username show on latest membership.

  • Scott Garratt

    I never post; anywhere!, However, many many thanks to Dan for an excellent and comprehensive tutorial on using Giorgio’s VB6 on WIN10 installation tool (VS6 Installer). I would have fought with the regular MS installer for days had I not found Dan’s blog and then subsequently Giorgio’s installer.

  • ramcee

    Really wonderfull…. Thanks a lot… Can you please help me install vsflexgrid7L also .

  • Nick

    I can’t download “vs6 installer”, becouse it requires registation. I tried to regestry but it doesn’t sent me a confirm password! I tried 3 times on different e-mails! Nothing happends! Can someone just upload somethere this damn programm?

  • Muhammad Syarif Wicaksono

    Hi Danbrust, thanks for this great tutorial. But i can’t download the vs6 installer from the forum, i try to register on that forum about 3 or 4 times with same email but different username, but registration process not complete, always notif that security code wrong but i typed the security code correctly. No verification code sent in my email.

  • Giorgio Brausi

    Registration to VBCorner web site issue:

    The issue is due to LOG file are full!
    The provider should solve the problem in short time.

    Sorry for this inconvenience.

    • Davz Susej

      Hi, i am unable to download your installer wizard for vb6 since i did not get any verification code in my email. I registered yesterday my username is “ivad24”. Need your assistance, Thanks!

    • Davz Susej

      Hi, i am unable to log in to your site and download the installer wizard for vb6 since i did not receive any verification code in my email. My username is “ivad24”. Need your assistance please, Thank you!

  • Protein Stack

    Hi Everyone,

    I was succesfully able to install Visual
    Studio 6 Professional on windows 10 Pro 64bit WITH Data Access. It is
    very simple, just install VS6 as you normally would with Data Access
    enabled, it will freeze when you try to finalize the install. Allow it
    to freeze, then end the installation task. You will still have all the
    install files and will be able to run the program. Now, you will need
    to install the VB6 service pack 6, but it won’t allow you to since
    visual studio did not install correctly. To fix this, install VS6 over
    again, this time uncheck data access components, install as normal.
    Afterward, run the service pack and you should be good to go. Enjoy!

    • Belleye

      Hi Protein Snack any chance you still have the installer? Looks like the LOG file is full again.

  • Old Salt

    Dan Brust & Giorgio Brausi are the BOMB! I have to thank you both for this work and Giorgio especially for his excellent installer tool. Bravo! Bellissimo!!

    It took a few tries to sort it out, and @ProteinStack suggesting to install again if things go wonky was the ticket. The only little gotcha was missing a bunch of reference DLL’s that I had built over time. No problem, just ‘Mount’ the old XP VHD drive and viola, I’m back in business. My clients will be so pleased.

  • Dalli Krichen

    Hi , thank you for this very good tutorial , but I seem to have a problem in the “Install Visual Basic/Studio” , I get an error saying “File ACMSETUP.STF not found!” is there any solution ?

    • X-Dream

      Hi Dalli
      Do you fixed the problem with the missing file ACMSETUP.STF? I have the same issue here.
      Would be great if you can tell me how you fixed it.

    • Marek Jindra

      This file is created in the “Prepare Visual Studio 6.0 Pro” step. Delete “1VS60Pro” or “1VS60Ent” folder and repeat the copying process.

  • Abhishek
  • Belleye

    Not getting a registration code :( can’t download

    • danbrust

      I threw up the latest version on a file sharing site:
      Hopefully they get the log issue fixed.

      • Belleye

        Thank you!

      • Giorgio Brausi

        it is strictly forbidden to distribute and / or share VS6 Installer wizard (any version, any file) without written permission from the author (me). Respect my work. Remove the zip from filedropper, please.
        For any issues or questions you ‘must’ use the official FORUM of VS6 Installer wizard.

        • Davz Susej

          how can i visit the forums when i dont get the verification code for log in?

  • Daniel

    Hi Dan! I could install Visual Studio Ent. AND MSDN, and SP6. But there is no connection between VB IDE and MSDN help. I mean: I press F1 and a “No help available” (or smothing like that, in Spanish) shows up. But the MSDN menu is available and it works. Any idea? OS is Windows 10 64 bits. Thank you. Daniel

  • Harry Stumpf

    Dan. Great article. I got VB6 installed on my Windows 10 PC with no difficulty. I am able to compile and run a large program with several 3rd party active x controls that I installed separately.

    But when I click on the square button in the IDE to stop execution of my program I get the following message

    Run-time error ‘-2147418105 (80010007)’:

    Automation error
    The Callee (server [not server application]) is not available and
    disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have

    followed by this (the usual crash message).

    Visual Basic has stopped working

    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
    Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is

    When I execute the End command in my VB code I get the usual crash message. Also occasionally (but not always) when I open the project in the IDE I get this message.

    Data View

    Method ‘~’ of object ‘~’ failed.

    This doesn’t seem to affect the program. Do you have any suggestions to help me eliminate these problems? Thanks.

    • Harry Stumpf

      I solved one of the problems. I replaced the End statement in the source code with Unload Me and now when I close the program programmatically it doesn’t crash the IDE,

  • Eduardo Melero

    It worked very fine! I’ve not installed SP6, the code I ran worked fine! Thanks a lot!

  • John Johnson

    I have installed vb6 Pro and SP6 with no hassles but have encountered a problem with MSDN. When I select the ‘Prepare for MSDN’ option I get an error message stating that file ‘….Disk1SETUPmsdn98.inf’ cannot be found. I have checked the MSDN Disk1 CD (copied to hard drive) and there is no ‘SETUP’ directory. I am using VSInstaller v 4.5 downloaded yesterday.

  • Giorgio Brausi

    I’m Giorgio Brausi, author of VS6Installer 4.x wizard.

    I wish to inform you that this blog is not officially related to my instrument.
    Thank you to Dan for the excellent tutorial, but I want to specify that this blog is not the official forum of VS6Installer 4.x wizard, and you can not think/believe that Dan will give you an official assistance in case of problems.

    If you have problems, after following the tutorial of Dan, then you have to contact the Official FORUM which is available on my website:

    As user of VS6Installer 4.x wizard, you are already authorized to use the forum without any additional registration.
    Thank you for your attention.

    Note that it is strictly forbidden to distribute and / or share VS6 Installer (any version, any file) without written permission from the author (me).

  • CoachBlair Wagner

    The VS Installer for Windows 10 allows you to set the VB6.EXE compatibilit mode to Windows Vista (Service Pack 2).


    Do not run the VB6 IDE in compatibility mode of any kind. The suggested pripose is to fix anomalies in the graphic designer of the IDE. Believe me, these anomalies are nothing compared to the damage left in your windows registry when VB6.EXE is run in compatibility mode.

    When VB6.EXE is used to Compile-And-Run your application, it replaces GUIDs and class and typelib registrations causing them to refer to its VB6DEBUG.DLL. this allows the IDE to intercept execution of your code so you can debug. When it does this replacement of your DLL and OCX registrations, it saves your stuff under HKCRVBKeySave5. Unfortunately, when VB6.EXE is set to run in compatibility mode of an earlier verison of Windows, it fails to restore all of your DLL and OCX registration information. It leaves VBKeySave5 there, which causes your IDE to take much longer during subsequent starts of the IDE, and it trashes your registry, eventually rendering your application not-runnable on your machine.

    Test this yourself. Don’t just take my word.

    • razeenb

      HI Wagner
      Thanks a lot. I was supporting some legacy app for a client and wasted a shit load of time on compiling and running. Its takes sooo much 10-15 mins to just run app in debug mode, 30 mins to compile it an EXE.
      just realized it was because of the Vista compatibility.
      Thanks a ton!

  • Rafa

    Imposible registrarme para descargar, he intentado varias veces y nada.

    • cano73

      a mi me llego el correo en los no deseados, tambien pase buen rato sin poder registrarme

  • Ian Nájar

    My boss attempted to install vb6 by following this tutorial, but he says that a TROJAN is detected by his antivirus. I’m sure that is a false positive, right???

    • topher

      I used the install a few months back and it worked perfect. I just tried to install on a second machine and my end point protection found many Trojan malware risks. I am not sure if these are false positives, but I am now scanning my first machine.

  • dartman

    I notice a comment by CoachBlair Wagner about compatibility mode being dangerous to the registry. Yet there are supposedly 85000 people who have used this.

    Anybody else seen this problem? I just installed and have only compiled one program which i installed on another machine. Looks OK so far.

    Anyone else with this issue?

  • Klyun

    I managed to install Visual Basic 6 Enterprise using the regular installer (at least the one I got), though after copying files it initially hung at “Setup is updating your system”. A check in Process Explorer showed it was trying to write to a registry key called “HKCRRDSServer.DataFactoryClsid” (located under Wow6432Node in 64-bit Windows). After I took ownership of that registry key and gave my user full control (keeping the installer running in the process), it worked.

    • henry lim

      I also got stuck at “Setup is updating your system”. I have since exit it. Can I still locate this registry location?

  • Robert Graham

    Good article. I wonder if my working instance of VB6 will survive in-place upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10?

    Also VERY important for those of you who own a “mouse” for your PC, search for and install “MouseWheelFix” so you can scroll as you would normally expect to.This works with VBA in Office as well, which is great for those who occasionally need to dip into that area.

  • Jesse Berman

    Genius. Worked perfectly. I’d already gotten VB6 running okay, but was having a heck of a time getting SP6 to install correctly. This did the trick, and I have an uninstall option to boot. I really can’t thank you enough!!

  • Daniel Latikaynen

    I installed VB6 enterprise regularly on Windows 10. Then I installed VB6 with SP6 regularly on a Windows XP Prof. Virtual Machine. Then I copied the contents of XP: c:program filesmicrosoft visual studio over W10: c:program files (x86)microsoft visual studio. No changes to registry. SP6 shows on splash screen. Everything works fine.

    • Ravi ganesh

      Same worked for me. Just had two problems.
      Installation froze at the end. I ignored.
      Automation error. Ran as admin and it disappeared.

  • Ali Murtadha

    How can I carry this program

  • Jim_Satterfield

    Unfortunately The latest version of this tool has some issues for some people, myself included. On starting there is a Type mismatch 13 in procedure Form_Load of frmMain2 message. Then a Run-time error ’91’.

  • Bruno Horn

    I was very pleased to find this solution because we developed in the 1990 a quite complex program in VB6. It is planned to replace it within the next 3 or 4 years. So I was happy to see that it is not necessary to Keep my XP alive. Unfortunately the installation program from the nuke vbcorner does not run on none of my computers (all Windows 10, some Home Edition, some pro, on all machines all updates driven). All installation are with german language. I posted it at vbcorner, I am the third with the same Problem. No answer since 22. March :-( .
    See below the screenshots.
    So I have now to try to install it w/o the installer. Does anyone have experience?
    Kind regards

    • Squirrl

      You have to set the Region to Italy and it will get past that problem.

  • সাইদ হীরা

    Thank you very much.

  • univok

    I ran the installer as an administrator and prepared everything under
    Windows 10, but when pressing “Install Visual Studio 6.0. ENT, I get an
    “access denied” error. What can I do?

  • zocolofishing

    Get around Windows-10, not being able to ‘drag and drop’ controls. I seem to be able to create them the hard-way. As in an text-editor. But not with the IDE. I’ve seen this now on two machines.

  • Khabibb Mubarakk

    hello i cant download..i
    do not have access to view this tab within the portal.

  • Russell Morton

    I have successfully done the installation above and used it to create several new programs running on Win 10.
    I recently tried to create a user control, but this did not work. The control was not visible on the browser, gave a warning when trying to register it, and the OCX could not be added to a project although it did appear in the controls list.
    Has anyone got a work around for this ???

  • VB6 Programming

    Microsoft’s support statement for VB6 programming….

    The Visual Basic team is committed to “It Just Works” compatibility for Visual Basic 6.0 applications on the following supported Windows operating systems:
    Windows Vista
    Windows Server 2008 including R2
    Windows 7
    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
    Windows Server 2012 including R2
    Windows 10
    Windows Server 2016
    The Visual Basic team’s goal is that Visual Basic 6.0 applications continue to run on supported Windows versions. As detailed in this document, the core Visual Basic 6.0 runtime will be supported for the full lifetime of supported Windows versions, which is five years of mainstream support followed by five years of extended support

    • nimblejack

      HUGE difference between supporting the runtime that vb programs require to run, and supporting the IDE in a version of Windows that is some 20 years older than the development tool. For the IDE, we are on our own.

      • VB6 Programming

        True. Though Microsoft say they test the VB6 IDE on new releases of Windows, and it works on Windows 10.

        Good to see VB6 programming continuing.

  • SJD101

    I tried running the 4.8 version of the installer, but as soon as I get to the “Install VB6 Pro” step and the VB6 Professional setup window appears, clicking on “Next” immediately results in “Setup has stopped working.” Any ideas?

  • barry ross

    i’m taking over maintenance of a vb6 system – that is operating on a windows 10 operating system – it uses data bases (sql server) and files – am confused about your comment …..

    ‘Also note that this process will not allow you to install the Data Access components. They just don’t work with Windows 10.’

    my first step is getting a VS 6 up and running to check out programs – appreciate your article. Am ordering vb6 from ebay.

    • Nancy Sam

      Could you please tell me how to disable this “Data Access” components during silent install. Do we have any config/ response file? Because i can install VB6 on win 10 in UI by disabling Data Access components. But I need to install silently on win10. Please suggest.

  • Richard Cimbalo

    I downloaded the file from the site
    and nothing recognized it as a valid zip file.
    Anyone else have that problem?

  • Srikumar Gopalakrishnan

    Getting an error

    and proceeded with installing the software it started installing however VB it gives an error and stops suddenly

    I am using Visual basic professional version and removed all the residual files before installing and started the same procedure and still getting these errors.

  • Srikumar Gopalakrishnan

    I am trying these installers for installing visual basic. I am using Visual Basic 6 Professional edition. We need visual basic to use our visual basic version which is 20 years old. I am getting the following error when I tried to copy the files of service pack.

    “File not found (53) in procedure cmdStep3_Click of frmMain”

    I proceeded with installing with installer 4 the vb professional version software ignoring this error and I got an error i.e
    “setup has stopped working i.e a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.”

    I tried with installer 5.0 as well and I am getting the same error while copying and while installing the software I am still getting the same error “File not found (53) in procedure cmdStep3_Click of frmMain”.

    Is it needed to install MSDN as well for the installers to function properly ?

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    • PeterD

      Hi Srikumar, you may have solved this by now (7 months later), I had a similar (but not identical) problem. What is the installation folder name you are using? If your Root directory name has a space in it then the installation will crash, the installation folder name must be continuous characters. The script to do the install doesn’t add quotation marks to file names, so it doesn’t like any folder name with spaces. Also are you running as administrator? I got that wrong too first time.

  • Solomon Ibezim

    This was just straight to the point. awesome guide man!

  • Peter

    I cannot download Giorgio Braus’s installer. The link on the page just points to the self same page.


    • incom2

      On the upper left, follow the link “VS6 Installer 5.0”. Then it will say to register: do it, login and try again. Voilà!

      • colinc

        I have the same issue, I am registered but the link points to itself?

        • Andrew Henderson

          the real link is on the upper left side of the page (confusing)

  • incom2

    I just installed the Enterprise Edition + Service Pack 6 without MSDN, on Windows 10 Pro x64. And working like a charm!

  • Pat Jojo Sadavongvivad

    ! AWESOME ! You have a friend in Thailand. Let me know if you are coming in this area. I will take you around, buy you good dinner :-)

  • PeterD

    Dan Brust, you and Giorgio Brausi are legends thank you. My current laptop on Windows 7 did load VB6, but I needed a new laptop and couldn’t get one with Windows 7, had to get Windows 10 OS and (as you know) it wouldn’t install VB6. I followed your instructions and it is all working perfectly thank you. The only areas where I had hurdles to clear were: my first installation attempt failed – the VB6 installation was looking for a file FrmMain2.frm, a drive read error. The problem was that my installation folder name had a space in it – the installation will only work if the installation folder name is a continuous set of characters without spaces. The second problem was that I forgot to run the installation as a windows 10 administrator, it wouldn’t install just on my normal account. The command (for my own future reference) is to click on the windows icon (bottom left), get up the Command prompt with CMD, and (after c: ) type “net user administrator /active:yes” (without quotes) and then log on. I was expecting a problem with Service Pack 6, going by your notes, as I have VB6 professional, but the SP6 that I downloaded from Microsoft worked fine. FWIW and in passing, I also have some old Qbasic programmes that need to run in DOS, I used to run them in Virtual XP under windows 7, but that doesn’t work on Windows 10. However there is a product from Oracle – VM VirtualBox, in which you can load an actual XP Operating System (I have an old XP system disk) and QBasic runs fine in that. This seems to be safe, but somewhere (on your blog?) I did read that I shouldn’t try and install VB6 in that environment, as VB6 has too many tentacles going places you don’t want them.
    Thanks once again, a great relief to have VB6 working in Windows 10.
    Peter Davies, Actuary, Auckland New Zealand.

  • Coolzapper Gaming

    It says
    Path/File access error
    on cmdInstallVS6_Click of frmMain2.frm

    • Deepak Muthukrishnan

      Hei…I am also having a similar error (path/file access error (75) in procedure installvs6 of frmMain). Can you please tell me what you did to solve the error

    • Corbin St Claire

      You will probably have to run the installer as admin if you’re getting this.

    • Giorgio Brausi


      This blog IS NOT for assistance.Please go to OFFICIAL FORUM

  • Lacea Allego Leomar

    can u give me a link to download a vb6 for free please?..

  • Lacea Allego Leomar

    i got an enterprise but after installing the msdn liberary its stucked and it says setup is upgrading your system, but its not responding.. i always keep on installing it. and its all the same please can u help me

  • kvmn

    Tks 1 million times, i had created a video TUT ► . P/S: your website quite slowly. E.g: ◄ only 2 seconds. If you wanna SEO or Boost your web, email me:

    • John Brooking

      Why did you uncheck Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 at the custom selection screen?

      • kvmn

        because my app need only activex and Data access, if your app need, check all

  • tolsen64

    I believe I have the sp6 pro installers (Vs6sp6.exe & Vs6sp6B.exe) If you’re interested, let me know where to send them.

  • Nick Papadakis

    no program to download exists

    • Giorgio Brausi


      This blog IS NOT for assistance.
      Please go to OFFICIAL FORUM

  • Oscar Diaz

    Hello, I want to share this tuto with our dev team, but I before I do, I wanted to know what does “this process will not allow you to install the Data Access components” mean. If our proprietary application uses Oracle DB, will we be able to work with the project normally as we do on XP, or does it mean that we won’t be able to connect to the DB.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who shares their expertise.

    • Giorgio Brausi

      This blog IS NOT for assistance.
      Please go to OFFICIAL FORUM

  • Παύλος Δ

    Every body is happy, but me .
    I did everything, I think.
    I am Win10, 64 bit, vb6, VS6InstallerSetup 5.0
    At Installing Enterprice VB

    I am sure i ‘ll get a solution!

    • Nitin

      Do any one has solution of this problem?

      • pmiroddi

        same error to me !!

        • Mike VanderPloeg

          When starting VBInstaller, right click on the icon, then select ‘Run as administrator’.

    • Giorgio Brausi

      This blog IS NOT for assistance.
      Please go to OFFICIAL FORUM

  • ozbob

    STOP – DATAACCESS ERROR: on win10 do not install
    “ADO and RDS”
    Do a custom install and uncheck in
    DataAccess | Ado,RDS … | “ADO AND RDS”
    Click OK to the warning
    This will avoid incompatibility issues with Modern Windows

    • Giorgio Brausi

      This blog IS NOT for assistance.
      Please go to OFFICIAL FORUM

      • ozbob

        “OFFICIAL FORUM” in bold and underline is not as useful as an actual URL.
        I would suggest you update the article with accurate and uptodate instructions, and provide a URL to the official forum.

        • Giorgio Brausi

          This article is not mine, this is an independent blog.
          On the official website there is a complete and updated guide, with its forum for assistance.
          This article if outdated.
          If someone turns to others, I can’t help it.

  • Dellmo

    I was able to prepare the 3 folders, but I’m having trouble with the install. I get the usual prompts during the install then it prompts me for the location of disk #1. I don’t believe I’m supposed to get this prompt. The next screen says the specified location is invalid. Any suggestions?

    • Giorgio Brausi

      This blog IS NOT for assistance.
      Please go to OFFICIAL FORUM

  • Tom Marshall

    August 2019

    Thank you so much Dan – much appreciated.

    I was not comfortable risking my Windows 10 development machine so I fired up an Azure VM server 2016. I followed the above instructions and there was not one issue – amazing!

    I don’t do much VB6 so as well as the not risking my development machine I can STOP the VM (Stopped – unallocated state) and fire it up when needed. The cost of the VM is $0 when stopped (unallocated <– important).

    Not sure if it's mentioned anywhere here about obtaining VB/VS6 and MSDN but I obtained them from and

    • Giorgio Brausi

      This blog IS NOT for assistance.

  • Michael

    I had to move my VB6 and Projects to a new Windows 10 (1903) PC. Finally, it succeeded:

    (1) First of all, I installed a vb6 database Application (using ADO/RDS) via installation program on the new computer.
    (2) than I installed vb6 Enterprise Ed like the description Dan Brust has given here. – The vb6 IDE runs, Data access working. … But the IDE without MSDN – support?!
    (3) Tried install of MSDN in many ways without success. MS-Installation program denied all Paths and drives (Disk, CD). Very, very frustrating! … No way out!?

    From the old system I copied the complete Folder „C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual StudioMSDN98“ to the same location on the new system. I ran the MSDN-setup there (C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual StudioMSDN9898VS1031Setup). Got an error because in the ‚setup.stf‘-File there was in three places the original path E: from the former installation. This was replaced by the new Drive-letter D: of the CD-Device. After that, the setup started, and I changed an option. …

    (4) IDE is now working well, complete and very fast.

    I unchecked the administration-checkbox in vb6.exe file properties. And the IDE is running without any compatibility mode.

    I hope my experience may help others!

    Greetings from Augsburg, Bavaria

    • Giorgio Brausi

      This blog IS NOT for assistance.
      Please go to OFFICIAL FORUM

  • Davz Susej

    I registered on the site to get the downlad link for the installer, but i cannot log in since i didnt receive any verification code in my email. im using yahoomail. Thoughts?

    • Giorgio Brausi

      Go to my web site, there is a top box:

      HOW TO: I have not received the Verification Code

      expand the box (click on [+] sign) and read instructions.

      • Davz Susej

        I already did sir, Thanks. Sent an email with my username and email details.

        • Giorgio Brausi

          User successfully Authorized

  • Anshu Kumar

    I followed all the steps, but while installing it got stuck at setup is updating your system. Please help and guide.

  • Mark Dennis Demonteverde

    where i can download CD1 and CD2 of Visual basic 6 Enterprise Edition?

  • George Eckenrode

    This plan worked perfectly !!! Thanks. Saved my butt.

  • Amy

    I got as far as clicking “Install Visual Studio ENT and i get an error “path/file access error on cmdInstallVS6_Click of frmMain2.frm” and i cant get any further. I dont know if you still see comments on this site, its pretty old, but if you do and you can help id be grateful. :)

    • Io sono io

      Me too

      • Io sono io

        Try starting the installer by administration

  • JB

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for taking the time to make this excellent guide. I followed the guide step-by-step and was able to successfully install VB6 Professional to my Windows10 computer. Hopefully I can now transition everything from my old Win XP computer to Win10 and keep some old projects alive just a bit longer :) Thank you!!!

  • Lee Bonnett

    I donated and received the activation code for the installer a year or more ago. In the meantime, I had to change laptops and now I don’t have the installer available. I do not have the PayPal transaction ID and don’t feel I should have to donate again. Is there a resolution to my dilemma?

  • Frann Dzs

    VS6 Installer links expired, and its last donation version is unobtainable since months ago, because the creator did not answer the messages anymore. Does anyone have the program to share it? At least an old version of it.