The Current State of Web Design (As Observed in Early 2012)

Back in early 2012, I gave a work presentation detailing what I saw to be the latest trends in web and application design. The main purpose of the presentation was to help guide the design of various in-house projects. Since then, my observations/predictions have, for the most part, stayed/come true. When setting up this blog, I tried to keep in mind my own design advice, so as a result, you’ll find many of the elements I discuss in this post reflected in the design of

I recently came across the presentation, and figured it would be interesting to briefly share the main talking points. My hope is that laying out some of these observations will help someone out down the line. Just make sure to keep up with any future trends. What’s current now (or close to two years ago) will seem woefully outdated just a few years from now. Also, please don’t mistake this for a Web Design 101 course. Rather, this is merely a listing of observations that were/are relevant to my purposes. The Web is a Wild and Untamed Place. There is no right or wrong. People will do what people will do. Continue reading